Lora GENE is a lifestyle concept combining womanhood and community. Women all over the world inspire Lora GENE; their beauty, their spirit, their power. The mission is to leave women feeling empowered and ready to create global change.

Assertive and independent Lora GENE understands the intricacies of the female form and continues to push the boundaries of conventional design. The result is intelligent tailoring and feminine wardrobe staples.

Lora GENE was started by Lora Nikolaeva, because she yearned to truly create change not only for the women she dresses around the world, but also for the incredibly skilled pattern cutters, seamstresses, garment technicians and many women who bring the designs to life. Supporting all women is fundamental to the Lora GENE brand, which invests heavily in social action initiatives behind the scenes.

‘‘What inspires me? Women feeling comfortable about themselves.’’ - Lora Nikolaeva

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