NATURALNESS - The Inspirations PART1

''An absence of pretence or artificiality, full creative intent reinforced''

Shizen (自然) by itself means “nature” or “natural”. But the concept in the Japanese culture differs significantly from the same word in english.When the same terminology is applied to arts and crafts, including modern designs, it also encompasses things that are made to look like they were taken straight out of nature.

The traditional meaning of Shizen is the antithesis of human artifice:they are not alike.Or in other words what is Shizen is not artificial.A reminder that design is not an accident, even when when spontaneous.

The obvious idea behind design based on Shizen principle is that nature is the original designer and nature made things are inherently appealing to human beings on both a conscious and subconscious level.

As Far East has always fascinated us the idea of working around the concept sparked a light-everything artisanal, handmade, crafted, nude shaded, light and soft.It was all about getting together this sublime experience around jumpers,scarfs,textiles..Somewhat divine,abstract, yet very tangible-here and now, easy, no pretence.

Sourcing and looking out for materials to work with, we've come across some earthly gifts. Baby alpaca mixed with linen, dyed with natural colours, no artifice, taken straight of Peruvian highland.. sublime touch,otherworldly feeling..raw silks, recycled wooly woven textiles and so much more.

Coming up with the mood, the ideas flooded, somewhat a lot, straight out of naturalness - expressed in a simple, plain natural manner.Although the complexity of the garments is there - complex cables are mixed with structures and textures ,and they all flow into a harmonious silhouettes.

We are trying to remind ourselves to think clarity, simplicity, easiness, flawless...So many inspirations persist to be fulfilled and  we needed structure.

Working with different craftsmen around the world,sourcing from the opposite side of the globe and whilst enjoying the results.


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